How to
Survive a

A Guide to Thriving After Trauma


Does it feel like your trauma runs your life?

Are you feeling stuck and unable to move on?

Do you want to create a new, happier, you?

Imagine that you can take control of your life and stop the thoughts and feelings that threaten to overwhelm you.

Discover how recovery from trauma is possible and how post-traumatic reactions can be healed.

In this must-read book you will learn what trauma is, and what it is not, and how to find joy and take control of your life again.

Author Janaki Jane interweaves the compelling stories of her own life with proven scientific data and multiple established techniques to show you how to heal the trauma in your body and mind.

Janaki explains how trauma really works in your brain and how you can recover from it when you implement her teaching.

What would it be like for you to become the person you have always wanted to be free from the beast that trauma can be?

If you are ready to create a new you and live your life on your terms, then ‘How to Survive a Disaster’ is your ticket to a better life.


Janaki Jane

Janaki Jane has a degree in Psychology, a Graduate Certificate in Theology, and is a published neurologist. She spent over twenty years learning, practicing, and teaching psychological, physical, and spiritual healing techniques internationally, and has worked professionally in disaster recovery and public health pandemic response.

She experienced severe trauma from conception onwards, which led to severe mental illnesses starting around age twelve. She has worked tirelessly for 40 years to heal herself, learning about and trying numerous mind, body, and spirit forms of treatment, and sharing them with others in her professional healing work. This shines her writing with an engrossing vulnerability and wisdom.

She has been a Tibetan Buddhist for over 25 years, and her daily practice informs her work and her life. She lives off the utilities grid in a 960 square foot cabin in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with her husband of 30 years. She loves the silence of living up high in the forest where she sees the high peaks out her front windows, and her neighbors are the moose, foxes, mule deer, rabbits, bears, and birds who allow her to share their home.

They also tolerate her attempts to track them through the snow, mud, and forest in all seasons of the year. Through the techniques and wisdom shared in this book, she has helped others to heal, supported community healing, and has transformed her own life to one filled with wonder, satisfaction, and accomplishment.